A little guide to gorilla trekking in Rwanda & Uganda

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Facts About Gorilla Trekking
January 10, 2017
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Uganda’s Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo2017 is here
February 10, 2017
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A little guide to gorilla trekking in Rwanda & Uganda

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Here’s a little guidance for gorilla trekkers: if you are short on time go to Rwanda, if you want to see more of a country and go somewhere a bit off the beaten path go to Uganda, if you are an experienced Africa traveler and want some serious bragging rights go to the Congo. If the short answer is too short here is some more information on the experience in all three countries to help you make your decision.

Where Can I See Gorillas?

Gorillas are broadly divided into mountain and lowland with a few more sub-species within that (as you can see from the map above). We recommend Rwanda, Uganda for mountain gorillas and Republic of Congo for lowland gorillas.

I Have to See Mountain Gorillas!
If you have your heart set on seeing the rarer mountain gorillas you are looking at a trip to Uganda or Rwanda and here are is what you should consider:

Mountain Gorillas: Rwanda v. Uganda

Cost: Gorilla permits in Rwanda are at $750 per person. They are $500 per person in Uganda. The permit gets you an hour of time spent with the gorillas with an 8 person group. If you buck at the price think of it this way. You are contributing to the preservation of gorillas and as a “thank you” you get to spend an hour with them. Remember only 80 people a day get to see them and their habitat is very fragile. Every time you walk through the forest you are leaving a footprint.

Ease of Access: Rwanda provides the easiest access to gorilla trekking so it is your best option if you are combining it with a safari to Kenya or Tanzania or if you only have a few days. The town of Ruhengeri, the jumping off point for trekking in Volcanoes National Park, is only a few hours drive on excellent roads from the capital (and its international airport) Kigali. Seeing gorillas in Uganda is more of a process and involves an 8-10 hour drive from the international airport in Entebbe. I recommend making Uganda a full 8-day trip with stops along the way instead of just a place to see gorillas whereas you could see gorillas in Rwanda in just a few days.

Trek Difficulty: Seeing mountain gorillas can involve 2-4 hours of hiking to find them. In both Uganda and Rwanda this is going to be a long day and the hikes can vary quite a bit depending on where the animals spent the night and which troop you are seeing. That being said, the general experience is that treks in Rwanda are slightly easier while those in Uganda are slightly more strenuous. Again there are no guarantees either way. I have friends who hiked for three hours in Rwanda before finding a troop while my group came across a troop in just over an hour in Uganda. For more information about what to expect (and what to bring) on the day of the trek, contact us.

Don’t underestimate the tiring effects of being at high altitude. Trekking takes place 8000-10,000 feet above sea level, not high enough for altitude sickness but high enough to knock the breath out of anybody, no matter how fit, who has just flown in from a low altitude. For this reason, visitors who are spending a while in Rwanda might think seriously about leaving their gorilla tracking until they have been in the country a week or so, and are better acclimatized (most of Rwanda lies at about 5000 feet). Likewise, if you are coming from elsewhere in Africa try to plan your itinerary so that you spend your last pre-trek days at medium to high altitude. For example if you are flying in from Kenya, a few days in Nairobi (7500 feet) or even the Maasai Mara (5200 feet) would be far better preparation than time at the coast.

Better Gorillas: There is no difference. There are 10 habituated troops in Rwanda and 8 in Uganda and they can move freely between the countries so this really doesn’t need to be a consideration. The gorilla trekking system is similar in all countries and because gorillas are followed on a daily basis, a sighting in all the locations is virtually guaranteed.

So here’s what I would say it comes down to:

If you have time and are not looking to do a traditional savannah safari, Uganda is a great option. It is a fabulous country and you can easily spend 8-10 days there. If you are in a rush and/or are adding gorilla trekking to a larger safari then you will want to go to Rwanda.

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