Africa Sceneries Volunteering Initiatives

Are you a professional with a large heart? Do you believe every human being ought to be given a chance? Do you have special knowledge or skills to share? That ‘little’ act of charity from you could touch humanity more than you can imagine! Your volunteering act may just be the difference that makes the world a better place!
At Africa Sceneries tours and safaris, we subscribe to inclusion and, whenever possible, endeavor to contribute to a fair society. We believe resources from the industry should trickle down to benefit communities, particularly those within the vicinity of tourism sites. So, we deliberately hire tour guides from such communities and encourage our clients, to where possible, buy locally made crafts from them.
Elsewhere, we subscribe to an inclusive development models with deliberate efforts to improve the lot of the poor, vulnerable and/or marginalized segments in society. Such groups include poor women in rural and urban areas, unemployed and vulnerable youth, child-headed households, the disabled, the elderly, refugees and minority ethnic groups.
The governments of Uganda and Rwanda have programs designed to support such segments of society BUT a significant number of people in the above categories still need of an alternative helping hand. Under our responsible tourism initiatives, we encourage our clients and partners to, where possible, reach out, engage with and support any of such groups.
Professionals could share practical skills and knowledge in maternal/primary healthcare, community/family hygiene, nutrition, life skills for children/youth in and out-of schools, family planning, small project management, basic book-keeping, agriculture value addition, environment-friendly agricultural production, wood-fuel/energy saving techniques, among others.
There are various families, communities and groups of women and youth who can benefit from your expertise, skills knowledge in the above and other areas to improve their livelihoods. Some of these groups make quality materials/ souvenirs mounded/crafted around the unique indigenous African culture/heritage spanning over the generations.
Please note that such volunteering and community support engagements are purely discretional and optional. They are open to only those clients who have some time off their travel itineraries and those seeking to interact more as, they for instance, undertake research about culture and other facets of life of the people in Uganda and Rwanda.
Please contact Africa Sceneries tours and safaris for an itinerary with volunteering aspects or community outreach support at: or call and talk to our experienced tour consultant on telephone numbers: +256 – 751 771 444/ +256 – 393 217 164