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Uganda, Where to Spot Africa’s Rare Bird Species
January 9, 2017
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A little guide to gorilla trekking in Rwanda & Uganda
January 22, 2017
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Facts About Gorilla Trekking

Silverback Gorilla Uganda Gorillas & Chimps Tour

Gorilla Trekking – The Facts

The reason for this blog is to try and help you decide which kind of gorilla trekking is best for you, so I have outlined below the pros and cons of each country to ensure you are getting the most from your trip. Whilst I hope you find this useful, it is still no substitute for getting in touch with me.

Africa Sceneries Uganda offers a good array of gorilla safaris, our experience is desired and we’re proud to say it.

There are currently 2 different countries where we offer gorilla trekking – Rwanda, Uganda.



Rwanda – Mountain Gorillas

Silverback Gorilla Uganda Gorillas & Chimps Tour

Still the best place to see gorillas if this is the main focus of your tour and time and budget are important. The Parc National des Volcans (sometimes known as Virunga Park or Volcanoes National Park) is easy to reach from the capital, Kigali and offers the chance to see a variety of gorilla groups in a mountain rainforest environment. There is also a great range of accommodation, from luxury lodges to good mid-range hotels.

The forest here is a younger, bamboo forest so (in theory at least!) it is easier to track than in Uganda, with more light coming through the canopy and therefore easier for photography. The park however, is very steep in places although as it is mountainous it is NOT humid. Gorilla permits are currently U$750 per permit, per person.


Uganda – Mountain Gorillas

Uganda Gorilla Tracking Safari – Driving Option

Excellent option for those looking for a more comprehensive wildlife experience who are more flexible on time and budget. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the only place you can see gorillas, but this is a much older rainforest so the trekking can be a little tougher. However, the diversity of wildlife and the actual setting is much more dramatic than Rwanda, although the park is harder to get to and requires an overnight stop en-route. Like Rwanda, the trekking here is done on steep, muddy paths, but is NOT humid due to the altitude. In addition to the gorillas in Uganda there are also excellent opportunities for chimpanzee trekking, Big 5 game viewing, boat safaris and some of Africa’s best birding. It also has the added benefit of cheaper gorilla permits than Rwanda at U$600 per permit per person.

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