Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park, QENP

Queen Elizabeth National Park is arguably the most popular destination in Uganda. This is mainly so because of the park’s diverse ecosystems that include wide open savannah grasslands that contrast sharply to the humid forests in the park.

This diversity has made the park attract and retain some big game and over 600species of birds. The park also plays host to about ten primate species and is located against a magnificent backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Wildlife. Leopard sightings are common and the Isasha sector is famous for its tree-climbing lions. Huge herds of buffalo and elephants are found in the savanna areas of the park. An amazing number of hippos inhabit the Kazinga channel on which daily boat trips are conducted. Chimps can be tracked and several antelope and other primate species are present. Giraffe and zebra are absent.

Scenery. The park is set against a backdrop of the Ruwenzori Mountains. Additional scenic points are Kazinga Channel between Lake Edward and Lake George and at least 10 crater lakes. The most accessible part of the park is open savanna, but large forest areas are open to the public. These include the forested Kyambura gorge and the extensive Maramagambo forest in the southeast.

What to lookout for in QENP

  • Top wildlife viewing
  • Boat trips on Kazinga channel available
  • Tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector
  • Excellent birding with 600 species recorded
  • Several accommodation options for different budgets
  • A main road bisects the park and people live along the boundaries
  • The Mweya peninsula area can get busy in high season


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Wildlife Diversity.

The landscape in Queen Elizabeth National Park is dotted with craters that have been dramatically carved into rolling green hills of the park. A drive to the higher grounds within the park offers panoramic views of the Kazinga Channel which hosts a huge hippo, buffalo and elephant population.

Queen Elizabeth National Park offers an incredible treat as it contains a variety of habitats that range from savannah grasslands, wetlands to lowland forests. This diversity in ecosystems attracts a huge variety of birds which currently number at over 600 species. This is by far the biggest birdlife population found in any protected area in East Africa.

The majority of the birds found in this area are regarded as famous birds of East Africa and are a must see for bird watchers coming to Uganda

The wildlife diversity in this park is incredible, currently the hippo population is at 5,000, elephant population at about 2,500 and buffalo population is at about 10,000 animals. With such numbers, visitors to the park are guaranteed a treat to a spectacular safari.

Wildlife/Game Drives.

While the big game and primate population found in the park is no doubt a crowd puller, the biggest attraction to Queen Elizabeth National park is without a doubt its tree climbing lions.

The tree climbing lions are to be found in the Ishasha sector, in the south of the park. This area is dotted with fig trees, which are the preferred perches for lions which while away their time there.

Kasenyi, in the northeast part of the park however gets most of the wildlife viewing traffic, and visits are usually fruitful. Kasenyi provides the best chance of seeing lions on the plains. Elephants, Uganda kob, warthog, hippos, and sometimes the elusive leopard can be seen in Kasenyi. Solitary leopards are nocturnal and are well camouflaged, thus spotting them is all the more rewarding! You can also spot smaller nocturnal cats such as the civet and serval cats on night game drives within the park. The baboon cliffs give excellent views over the ‘explosion craters’ in this area.

Kazinga Channel Launch Trip.

The boat cruise is by far the best way to see plenty of animals and water birds that have made the shores of this channel home. Visitors on the launch trip up the Kazinga Channel will get see thousands of hippos and pink-backed pelicans plus plenty of crocodiles, buffalo and fish eagles. With a little luck, it is also possible to catch sight of one of the elephant herds and very occasionally see a lion or leopard.

Chimpanzee Trekking.

In the eastern region of the park lies the 100m-deep Kyambura Gorge, a beautiful scar of green cutting through the savannah. It is full of primates including many chimpanzees and from the viewing platform you can sometimes watch the frolic in the tree tops below. Chimp tracking walks last for two to four hours and you stand the best chance of finding the habituated troop on the morning walk.