The incredile beauty of Rwanda’s topography is aptly captured in the reference to the country as the Land of a Thousand Hills. Rwanda is accessible directly through Kigali international airport. However, depending on their itineraries, a few adventurers do connect to Rwanda through Uganda.

Here, you will track the legendary mountain gorillas as they glide leisurely in thick habitats where vines inter-wieve with abundant shrubs. Traverse the dense thickets and bamboo forests that engulf multi-level steep ridges. Marvel at the ecological wonders and boundless beauty of nature in the secluded and barely explored Virunga mountain haven.
After enjoying a full early breakfast, we’ll have a typical briefing with our guides before setting off for gorilla tracking. A riveting trek through the foothills of the Virungas can be muddy and challenging, but the rewards are in the great experience it guarantees! En-route to gorilla tracking, you can stop at vantage points to have amazing views of the Virunga Volcanoes towering at almost 15,000 feet.
The extended expanses of ridges then fade into dense tropical rainforests across the horizon. As you delve deeper into the forest, your quiet and ever narrowing trail abruptly immerses you into a beautifully lush and virgin compartment of the rainforest. This is the home to the gorillas! This is a privileged moment! Gorillas, as you will notice, tend to camouflage in thick vegetation. The thrill of observing these gentle giants is a rare adventure that will leave you with lasting memories of a truly amazing experience. Tough gigantic, these beasts are shy and peaceful.

Time stands still as you watch and photograph gorillas interacting within and across families.
A return trek from the Virungas is not bad either! With occasional sound of Gorillas cutting through the wild, you will spend about an hour sloping back to the base. Through beautiful patterns of gaps in the forest canopy, you will view – not only steep, but some of the truly magnificent ridges in Africa.
With an aura of a conqueror, you will finally make your way into Kigali city, the capital of Rwanda. Here, with a flexible itinerary, Africa Sceneries can take you will on a guided city tour of Kigali before transferring you to the airport for your flight back home.
At Africa Sceneries, we strive to prepare for you a gorilla tracking itinerary in Rwanda that is specially adjusted your budget, available time and preference. For details contact us at: or call and talk our experienced tour consultant on telephone numbers: +256 – 751 771 444/ +256 – 393 217 164