Africa Sceneries’ Specialist Urban Tours

Are you a visitor to Uganda? Or are you planning a visit that will keep you around Uganda’s capital city, Kampala? Are you short of time to explore the ‘Peal of Africa’s’ alluring countryside?  Africa Sceneries’ urban tour services, has short excursions with rich safari experiences just for you! Taking from a few hours to one day, our urban tour services provide you with a seductive peek into the amazing country, Uganda.

We have rich menu of activities and sites for you to behold in Kampala city, Entebbe and Jinja towns – all within a radius of up-to 80 kilometers. The tours are carefully crafted with options for individuals and special discounts for big groups. Our tour friendly guides will ensure that you savor Kampala’s key sites and monuments as you cruise around in our comfortable air-conditioned safari vehicles. Weaving though several hills and valleys, you will see some amazing cultural attractions, historical monuments and pre-independence education institutions. For evening fun-lovers, a safe city, with some of the friendliest people on earth, Kampala also has an exciting and buzzing nightlife!

Meanwhile, on a sojourn to Entebbe and Jinja, you will have a firsthand glimpse of Uganda’s natural beauty and rich biodiversity.  Once in Entebbe and/or Jinja, you can also partake of the hi-octane activities on offer. For the daring, bungee jumping near the source of River Nile in Jinja is one of the highlights.

Even if you are busy/ short of time, you can make the most of your stay in Uganda. Short excursions around Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe urban areas with Africa Sceneries present you with a window into natural tourism gem called Uganda! Our short tour packages around these urban areas include the following:


A panoramic view of Kampala City
Kasubi Tombs: A UNESCO world heritage site, these tombs were built in 1881 and currently house the remains of 4 kings of the legendary Buganda Kingdom.

Your typical city tour Africa Sceneries starts in the morning with a visit to Rubaga and Namirembe Cathedrals built by Christian European missionaries in the 1950s. The nearby Old Kampala Mosque another stand-out religious site in Uganda. An imposing structure, the mosque was built with full funding from deceased ex-Libyan President Muamar Gaddafi. You will then proceed to Mengo, the seat of the kingdom of Buganda, and the nearby Kasubi tombs where 4 of the Buganda Kabaka’s (Kings) were buried. Also near Mengo is Makerere University, the oldest University in Uganda and ranked among the best in Africa to-date. Then proceed to the Uganda National Museum where you can see a summarized collection of Uganda’s Culture and History.

Next, we’ll drive you to the only Bahai Temple in Africa where you will get information about the Bahai Faith and how it came to Uganda. The temple has eye catching gardens that you will relish. Near the Bahai Temple is the Namugongo Shrines, where a Mwanga, a pre-independence King of Buganda burnt to ashes dozens of his subjects who defied him to embrace Christianity.

On Wednesday, Friday and Sundays’, it is possible to add a visit to the Ndere Centre for a treat to some amazing acrobatic traditional Uganda dances, songs and folk-tales.


Africa Sceneries’ clients viewing and snapping primates at Ngamba Island

Africa Sceneries will be transport you to the marina near Entebbe where you will catch a speedboat to the island. The boat ride cuts across the Equator before ushering you to Ngamba Island after about 45 minutes. On arrival, the minder will give you a short briefing about the sanctuary. Next, you will behold and get amazed at how the chimps waltz through the thickets and interact with each other. You will also see such the different “personalities” amongst the group. The bold primates will occasionally whistle, signaling asking for food as others clap away.

You will then return to Entebbe and be transferred to your hotel or also relax at the lush, extended botanical gardens. The gardens are perfect for a leisurely walk through rare trees and shrubs. And if you are a bird enthusiast, you will enjoy unobstructed viewing. The trail through the gardens’ thick rain forest centre was also the main sites for shooting the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan films!

Package includes: Two-way transfer by speed boat, Entrance fees to Ngamba Island, a Tour guide fee at the island and Chimpanzee viewing.


The shoebill is one of the amazing birding Attractions at Mabamba Swamp

A popular destination for birdwatchers, Mabamba Swamp, 15km West of Entebbe is one of the best places in Uganda to spot the highly sought-after shoebill in its natural habitat. Mabamba swamp is an expanse marsh that stretches through a long narrow bay fringed with papyrus reeds as you draw closer to Lake Victoria. Mabamba wetland is also habitat to other 300 bird species including ‘congregations’ of migrant species like the Blue Swallow, Gull-billed Tern and White-winged Tern. Here, you will also find papyrus restricted bird species like Papyrus Gonolek and Papyrus Yellow Warbler. Other species of birds include the goliath heron, Lesser Jacana, Squacco Heron, Spur-winged Goose and waders.

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